Go Africa Cafe, a part of Go Africa Global LLC

We are located at 101 Avenue of the Americas,  9th Floors, New York, NY 10013

Phone: (646) 838-1330

Email:  info@goAfricacafe.com

Products launched between 2016 – 2018. (coffee, cashews, Chocolate covered cashews, peanuts, tiger nuts, and teas).

We also provide Private label and white label products for retail and wholesale customers.

The Go Africa Brand equates to Experience, Quality, Knowledge, Awareness, Adventure. (EQKAA)

Each Go Africa product has a story that emphasizes our customer commitment to Fair Trade, High Quality (FTHQ) products sourced and produced in Africa. For B2B & B2C markets globally.

Go Africa is after the CURIOUS CONSCIOUS CONSUMER (CCC). This means customers who are willing to try new products and desire awareness and information about them which ultimately creates net new global demand for our products.

Promoting Trade & Commerce on our Go Africa Trading Platform for B2B & B2C Transactions. for more information See  GoAfricaTrading.com  

For B2C, Consumers and retail, Our open MarketPlace Platform facilities Seamless selling of African centric goods, products and services. Ensure safe transactions for sellers & Buyers with open transparency for (prices, orders, shipping status, reviews and more). see https://goafricatrading.com/marketplace/